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That's a system that allows the customer to update by himself all contents. It is indicated for those sites that require frequently updates.

Go to "Select Template" pages to choose the look and feel that will have your site.

The "Interactive Portal" is supported by a software system that allows you to insert content into your own site.

Through a web browser (ex. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc..) is possible to access the administration page of the site where you can create pages that are automatically posted on the Internet.

You can enter at will, and simply, text, images, videos and any other type of content displayed on a website.

This type of package is suitable for sites that need frequent updating of content (ex. Newspapers on-line) or for sites consisting of many pages (you can add infinite).

In this package, the graphics are custom and adapted to the colors of your design, or we may create a new graphics following your directives.


The package "Interactive Portal" is composed as follows:
- Domain (name chosen by the customer), web space for 1 year.
- Content Management System
- Custom graphics aligned with the design of the customer.*
- 5 Mailboxes with possibility to add more.
- Webmail, Antivirus and antispam.
- Hit counter
- Integration into the site of an internal search engine.
- Registration the site to major search engines.

Telephone support for understanding the site mechanisms of administration.

* Are not included in Flash animations or other features that will be, possibly, done charged extra.

In this package can be added:
- E-mail
- Flash Animations
- Photo Gallery
- News
- Newsletter

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