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You can sign a contract for telephone support, whereby the customer may come into direct contact with our technical, due to possible occurrence of a network problem, If the technician can guide the responsible for enterprise network solution immediately. Otherwise, we will set up an appointment.

In response to a problem on a network and to its reporting by the Customer, will be carried out maintenance work in the manner and on time by type of contract. If necessary to replace hardware components of the technician will contact the suppliers to prepare a complete estimate, both in terms of cost and time required to restore full functionality.

Scheduled operations
To maintain an updated network and protected, needs a planning a series of verification of functionality. It will be possible to program and contracting a series of predetermined and assessed visits, according of the installed equipment. Following the set dates, our technicians will work for the client.

Contracts intervention
During the design phase, will be also assessed the types of intervention recommended for maintenance of the plant and will then be discussed and agreed with the client as a separate item and will be part of the estimate.

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