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You can be visible in one of the columns of the "Sponsored Links" of search engines (front or side).

Keyword Advertising Advantages
Speed, Efficiency, Ease, Measurability: four main points of the keywords advertising.

- Speed: since from the moment you decide to publish a campaign when it goes online can actually be just a few minutes at most a few hours.
- Efficiency: as an opportunity to bring up your publicity linked at certain search keywords can attract the interest of persons who have already turned their attention to the theme proposed.
- Easy: the connotation of advanced instruments prepared by those who offer services Keyword Advertising is simple, at least in their basic usage. These instruments are within the reach even of those who have specific skills: the development, of course, of complex and well-optimized campaigns, requires specific skills, which corresponds to a possibility of very high yield.
- Measurability: is an adjective we use dued to ability to obtain near real-time detailed usage statistics on the advertising campaign. In this sense, in fact, already know that people "seeks" a more specific keyword than another, may be an important information.

Traditionally, this investment is used in the first period in which you put online a new website, or even when search engines have not had time to properly save out your pages, and assign the correct profile in the results displayed by their users.
Wserv team is able to follow every step and every day in the year, our Clients's campaigns of Keyword Advertising and support the customer investment. We select with you the right keywords on which to invest, we carefully build the pages that do get visitors and analyze the findings obtained.

What does it cost?
You pay a "tot" each time you obtain a visit, and the price varies depending on the competition with other advertisers.

How long the site becomes visible?
Typically in less than 72 hours.

What is the benefit?
The speed with which it becomes visible for the desired keywords.

What is the disadvantage?
The website advertising is visible as long as you pay, and the cost of contact can be very high when competition is high.

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