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Inspection and acquiring information
This is an important phase of the restructuring process of a network, our technicians will visit the premises of the Client's company for an initial visit and an interview with the heads of the principal to have a clear picture of the machinery state and of the architecture network.

Report and Advice
Following the visit and the talks, our technicians will prepare a report on the status of network equipment and a detailed analysis, complete with an economic estimate, for the most immediate actions necessary to achieve the purposes which the Orderer has set itself. Any assistance will be sequenced in agreement with the client so as not to interfere as much as possible, with the activities of the network and the Client's company itself.

Testing and certification
Completed work of restructuration network, our technicians will carry out a series of tests of general control and performance of the network and carry out certification.

At the conclusion of the restructuring will be delivered a scheme on the network, a document that will contain all the specifications of the network and will give knowledge of the structuring of the network and that will do every other technicians able to perform maintenance and/or repair quickly.

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