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Business needs assessment
The first operation done is an analysis of the needs of the development taking into account that over time the network will have to accommodate future needs. On the basis of these assessments will be drafted an initial network design and will be discussed the features and potentiality for the Clients.

Hardware and software
According to project assessments will be compiled some ad hoc proposals concerning equipment and software used to support each of the possible solutions identified, without prescind from the imposed requirements of reliability, stability and security that every network must have.

Supply of components
As regards the supply of components, will be done a market analysis in search of better prices for equipment to be used in the project. In this way the buyer will pay the right cost for the entire plant.

Laying Network
Our engineers, in collaboration with the representatives of the client, will install physically the network and will make its configuration, testing and certification. Once successfully completed this series of operations will be delivered the schema specifications and architecture of the network. This document will give the customer the ability to identify (from a technical specialist) and solve any problems that might arise in the future.

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